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Expeditions on Lake Tanganyika during recent years (2007-2011) have yielded in several new discoveries, both species as well as local colour varieties. Most new finds have been documented by photos and by video footage from their natural habitats. The first video presented on this page is a promotional video for the Lakesite articles with material from the mentioned expeditions, containing new as well as well-known cichlids but never before filmed in the wild. Notable is the elusive and rare mutant-coloured Tropheus "Kushangaza", which was discovered on 11 April 1990 and presented in the Nordic journal 'Ciklidbladet' the same year (6/1990 and 7/1990), but has not been captured on video until now, more than 20 years later. Other elusive and interesting cichlids featured in the promotional video are Tropheus "Isonga yellow stain" and Tropheus "Fiery fry", the latter being confined to Mtosi Bay. New discoveries in Lake Tanganyika are often associated with the conceptions of "farther and deeper", but the extreme shallows are quite often overlooked when searching for new species. Tropheus Short BodyThe surge zone along the rocky coast is difficult to survey due to waves and ragged rocks and because of the biotope's narrow and quite often inaccessible characteristics.

Lakesite articles video Important Message

Promotional video for the Lakesite articles by African Diving, featuring the recently discovered Tropheus moorii "Murago Tanzania" with the first under-water video footage of the fish. Also in the video, presented for the very first time are the new orange-cheeked Petrochromis and the vivid and equally new Tropheus sp. "Short body" which is found in the extreme shallow and surge stricken biotope. Also featured in the video is the newly described Chalinochromis cyanophleps. Footage captured May 2007 - December 2008. Click the Youtube settings button and choose "1080p HD" for best viewing quality.

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The very first collected specimen of Tropheus "Kushangaza" was seen on the cover of Ciklidbladet in the year 1990.
Tropheus Kushangaza
Kullander, S. O., Karlsson, M., Karlsson, M. and Norén, M. (2014) Chalinochromis cyanophleps, a new species of cichlid fish (Teleostei: Cichlidae) from Lake Tanganyika. Zootaxa, 3790 (3): 425–438.