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About the authors of Lakesite articles

The two authors, Swedish by nationality, have been working with cichlids at the lakes for 27 and 21 years respectively. They moved to Africa in early adulthood, driven by their childhood passion for cichlids and enthusiasm for nature, and lived permanently in Tanzania between 1987-2011 and 1993-2011. Since arriving in their new country, the authors’ occupation has been the collecting and export of fish for the tropical fish trade through their company African Diving Ltd. Tropheus moorii Murago TanzaniaAn environmentally conscious perspective has been a common theme throughout the operations. Increased awareness of the fragile biodiversity in the lakes led to the closure of commercial fishing operations, and the focus was moved to ecological studies. Their lakesite base on Lake Tanganyika (see picture) is located in western Tanzania, 2 km south of Kabwe village in the south central part of the lake, and their Lake Malawi/Nyasa lakesite base is in Mbamba Bay, southern Tanzania. In recent years numerous expeditions on Lake Tanganyika have resulted in a deeper understanding of the cichlids and their natural habitat, including several interesting new discoveries, such as the Tropheus moorii "Murago Tanzania" and Neolamprologus timidus.

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Kullander, S. O., Norén, M., Karlsson, M. and Karlsson, M. (2014) Description of Neolamprologus timidus, new species, and review of N. furcifer from Lake Tanganyika (Teleostei: Cichlidae). Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters, 24 (4): 301-328.