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Lakesite articles

The Lakesite articles series is an infrequent publishing of reports from Lake Tanganyika and Lake Malawi/Nyasa with first-hand information on discoveries and collections of new cichlid fish species... Lakesite articles

In the first issue:
The discovery, collection and overall reflections on the new cichlid species Lepidiolamprologus kamambae plus a survey of the variable Lepidiolamprologus elongatus, questioning the status of the quite recently described Lepidiolamprologus mimicus.

Lakesite videos Important Message

Promotional video for the Lakesite articles by African Diving, featuring the recently discovered Tropheus moorii "Murago Tanzania" with the first under-water video footage of the fish. Also in the video, presented for the very first time are the new orange-cheeked Petrochromis and the vivid and equally new Tropheus sp. "Short body" which is found in the extreme shallow and surge stricken biotope. Also featured in the video is the newly described Chalinochromis cyanophleps. Click the Youtube settings button and choose "1080p HD" for best viewing quality.

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Karlsson, M. and Karlsson, M. (2012) Tropheus moorii "Murago". Ciklidbladet, 45 (2): 6-15.
Tropheus moorii Murago Tanzania